Monday, 26 November 2012

OUTFIT | #96

cardigan: Motel; crop top: ASOS; skirt: H&M; necklace; boots: River Island

I've been on a weird crop top kick lately. The other week I bought 4. In one week. I don't even know where this sudden love came from. I think it was when I realised that I really like how they look with high-waisted anything and I have a whole bunch of high-waisted stuff. Match made in heaven, clearly. I don't even get cold because the inch or so of skin that's peeking out barely makes a difference and I wear a big ass cardigan over the top of everything anyway. I even branched out and ordered a red one online last night. Colour, guys. This is getting serious.

I'm even thinking about making this 'crop top week'. Since I have so many of these things now, I might as well. Mixing it up with a little bit of theme dressing is always fun. I don't know if I'll have time (or can be bothered to make the effort) to take a picture of my outfit every day this week. Who knows though. Hopefully after this week I'm not all crop-topped out. I doubt it though. Confession: I'm one of those really irritating people who play songs over and over forever when they really like them and never get sick of them, even though everyone else does and keeps yelling at me. Oops.

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  1. Pretty :) I love the necklace you're wearing too. You definitely can rock a crop