Sunday, 18 November 2012

OUTFIT | #94

cardigan, top, skirt: H&M; boots: Clarks

It's been a long week of very little sleep and, while I had a lot of fun, I'm really glad it's over. Today I stayed in bed and watched about a zillion episodes of Friends and didn't do a whole lot else. It was great. I think I finally got dressed at around 3pm, as you do. I pulled my usual trick of wearing everything from H&M. It's one of my better skills. I don't know that this is my most ~inspiring outfit or anything like that but it's comfy and warm which is what counts. 

These Primark Super Cosy tights are actually the best. I've heard other people sing their praises in past winters but either forgot about them or couldn't find them when I went to look. If you, like me, refuse to ditch the skirt despite it being freezing cold outside then I really recommend them. They're fleece lined and super thick; these babies are going to last me forever.

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