Tuesday, 18 June 2013

TRAVEL | 5 Days in Ibiza

slush puppies by the pool are the one

chicken tacos at Café Mambo

a cloudy sunset at Café Mambo

keepin' it classy in San Antonio's west end

incredible bacon, avocado cheeseburger at Ibiza Rocks Bar

ribs at Ibiza Rocks Bar

Ibiza Town's old town

dinner in the old town

You've seen what I wore in Ibiza, now enjoy a few holiday snaps. It's mostly food, I won't lie. I went to San Antonio for 3 things: the nightlife, the sunshine, and to eat as much good food as I could afford. I think I succeeded. I would recommend, above all else, that if you're ever in San Antonio, you get a bacon, avocado cheeseburger at Ibiza Rocks Bar. It's the perfect burger combination. If humans were allowed to marry food, you bet I'd put a ring on it. Too good. Not included in the pictures: the gorgeous beach at Cala Bassa - only €8 to reach by boat, ordering patatas bravas and being presented with a plate of oven chips with ketchup and a meagre sprinkling of herbs, various hungover mornings by the pool hiding in the shade on sunloungers.

I won't miss constantly being hassled by ticket reps to buy 'exclusive packages' to their overpriced club nights, or the horrible heat rash I got. But the sunset by Café Mambo, the ready availability of Fanta Lemon at every restaurant, and the beautiful sunshine were pretty hard to beat.

On a side note, Google Reader will be no more in 2 weeks time so if you read my blog that way, I'd recommend switching to Bloglovin'! It's simple to use and a lot prettier too.


  1. Looks like it was an amazing time , love all the pics .

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  2. Amazing photos, slushies by the pool sound good to me x

  3. Your photos look fantastic, really shows a different side to Ibiza! The food looks fantastic!

    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.com

  4. I like that place, hope to visit it one day.