Thursday, 20 June 2013

OUTFIT | #139

top: H&M; belt: Topshop; skirt: J. Crew; shoes: Converse

It's less than a week until I move out of this bedroom and move home for the summer. I've been moving out in stages and slowly sending various items home. The most recent loss was my full-length mirror. Why did no one tell me how hard it is to dress yourself without a good mirror? I woke up this morning and stood before my wardrobe, at a complete loss, for a good 5 minutes. How do I know what anything looks like on? I'm tempted to just give up and wear leggings and big jumpers until I finally move out. Trying to look at outfits in my tiny make-up mirror is a complete pain in the arse.

At the risk of looking like I got dressed in the dark, I attempted real clothes today. While I feel much less confident in my ability to dress myself sans full-length mirror, I guess this looks alright. The belt, I'm in two minds about however. I'm just never sure about belts at the waist. Usually I'm a strong advocate of saying no to waist belts. They remind me of cheesy makeover shows and being a teenager, stocking on cheap stretchy cinch belts in Primark. This skirt and top looked a little weird to me unbelted though. Or maybe that was just the tiny make-up mirror distorting my outfit perspective. Help. I don't know how to dress myself anymore.

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  1. Love this outfit, especially the colour of your skirt!