Sunday, 2 June 2013

WISHLIST | Sandals

l-r: Whistles Chi Chi sandal; Pied a Terre Jutte sandal; Aldo Kalika sandal; Topshop NANO sandal

If I wasn't really poor right now, I'd be looking into buying a good pair of sandals for the summer. I am too poor to even contemplate shoe shopping though, so I'm just going to window shop instead. When it comes to sandals, I'm ridiculously picky. I hate gladiators. Flip flops make me cringe. I hate the kind of sandal where there are posts in-between your toes - nothing belongs in between my toes. Also cringeworthy. Generally speaking, I loathe most sandals. Which is why I wear ballerina flats and Converse all summer.

If I had money, I'd probably buy a pair of those low block heel style sandals that are popping up everywhere. I've decided I'm a fan of that look. I wear heeled boots all autumn, winter, and spring long so ditching the heel for the summer months feels kind of weird. Plus I look a lot shorter. For this wishlist, I picked out a few pairs of sandals that exemplify what I would like in a sandal. (This is beginning to sound like some kind of sandal dating profile.) I'm particularly into the whole lucite heel thing that's happening at the moment. It has a wonderfully tasteless vibe that I am rather partial to. 

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