Saturday, 28 December 2013

OUTFIT | #184

top, boots: River Island; jeans: Topshop

The lighting in my room is super weird in the mornings and it makes taking pictures kind of a nightmare. In half the shots I took, I didn't even have a face because the sun was so bright. So excuse the bizarre light and how it's making my hair look like it's glowing. My hair and I aren't currently getting along anyway. I'm around 99% sure I'm going to chop it off soon and go for the long bob. I'm 21, the long hair's getting old. It makes me feel like I'm still trying to be a teenager. I hated my teen years, I'm ready to start looking like a woman in her early twenties. Plus it takes up way too much of my damn time to look after it properly. Over it.

This is my 'gonna go spend hours and hours in the library' outfit. Just because it's Christmas break doesn't mean I get to lounge about eating selection boxes and watching films all the time, sadly. Comfort was the aim of the game so I wore this incredibly baggy shirt I found in River Island recently. I foresee us having a long and successful relationship involving many late nights in the library. I was concerned it would look a bit odd on me because baggy tops like this tend to only suit flat-chested girls. When you add boobs and flowy material, it doesn't always work out but I think it works. Is it flattering? Not especially, but I wasn't really going for that look anyway. And yes, I am wearing a new pair of black boots. It's a sickness.

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