Sunday, 22 December 2013

OUTFIT | #183

top: Primark; skirt: American Apparel; shoes: Converse

I don't think I've ever consistently featured so much Primark on my blog. Ever. In the past, I've steered very clear of Primark. I find it too busy and too messy for clothes I wouldn't wear anyway. Lately they've definitely stepped up to the plate though and had some decent offerings in store. I still have to find a quieter period to pop in, or I get too stressed out and walk straight out. But that's just my personal aversion to mess and crowds talking.

There's something incredibly festive about velvet to me. I wore this to another Christmassy shindig. It's so warm and always a conversation starter when people realise how soft it is. Yes, you can stroke my t-shirt. No, that's not strange at all... I think I'll be pretty sad when the holiday season is over. I love any excuse to get all my friends together, eat food, and drink a lot of wine while wearing our favourite clothes. Christmas is an especially good time of year for that. I guess that's why people complain about the January blues after the holiday excitement comedown.

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