Sunday, 8 December 2013

WISHLIST | Shoes Please

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Shoes are my downfall. I have so many pairs, yet never enough. And a lot of the pairs I already own look really alike. It's a sickness. I can't go anywhere without falling in love with yet another pair of black ankle boots. These are some shoes I've had my eye on more recently. River Island are tempting me like no other currently. Their selection of ankle boots is impeccable. Basically, I want them all. It was difficult to narrow it down to merely two pairs to feature on this wishlist.

Another great shoe love of mine is the heel. I always wear heels on a night out. I think the gene that makes people's feet hurt after wearing heels all night skipped me, because I always soldier on. I'll run in them, I'll dance in them until the wee hours, you will not see me walking home with my shoes in one hand. I am a high heels trooper. This purple and black Topshop pair are calling to me in particular. I'm not usually one for a stiletto heel but for these I can make an exception. 

The New Balance look somewhat out of place amidst all these heels, but I've wanted a pair for a while now. I wear trainers a lot during the day, with all variety of outfits. I walk a lot and I spend hours on my feet at work so comfort is key. Plus there's something about my signature black paired with turquoise that is incredibly appealing to me.

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