Sunday, 19 January 2014

OUTFIT | #191

top: Zara; jumper, boots: Topshop; skirt: American Apparel

Please excuse my super creased skirt. I'm not sure what happened there. I figured I'd show you how I layered things today for my outfit. I'm a massive fan of jumpers but sometimes I get annoyed because they cover up the cute shirt I'm wearing underneath. Today I liked how my outfit looked with and without the jumper, so I just took pictures of both so you could get a better idea. Plus I've had a few requests to show 'layering' lately anyway so two birds, one stone, etc.

I remember I used to be really into cardigans, which would alleviate the whole 'my cute jumper's covering up my cute shirt' thing. I stopped wearing them so much in the past few years though, and only like a few of my cardigans now. Perhaps instead of buying so many jumpers, I should steer my knitwear interests towards cardigans. Food for thought.

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