Thursday, 16 January 2014

OUTFIT | #190

top, jeans, boots: Topshop; cardigan: Motel Rocks; necklace: Gogo Philip

My new hair is making me more interested in trying out new outfits and not just wearing the same stuff over and over again. Which is great. I wish I'd got a picture of this outfit with my coat over it. I wore a black wool boyfriend style coat, with oversized lapels, and a tartan scarf. I really liked how it all looked put together. It had a slight androgynous vibe that I really enjoyed. You'll just have to take my word for it, I guess.

It's funny how little changes can make you feel motivated again. I've been a bit stuck in a rut, in many ways lately. Having my hair cut felt like a weight lifted and now I feel like I'm myself again, except more excited to get on with new things. I wore this to get brunch and run some errands with friends. My new barometer of how good a place is for brunch is to have their eggs benedict. I feel sorry for people who don't love eggs. You're missing out. I should really start taking my camera places with me again, like the old days when I did more lifestyle posts on here.

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