Tuesday, 1 May 2012

UNIVERSITY | First Year Bedroom

There are only a few weeks left of my first year at university. At the start of June I'll move out of my room in halls and go home for the summer. It is, like when anything changes, a little bittersweet. I'll miss some aspects of this room (mostly having my own bathroom, I won't lie) but then there's the noise, the lack of storage space and the fact that I feel like I'm living in a shoebox sometimes; all things I won't miss. I'm a sappy soul though and will miss this little space. I took some pictures of my favourite parts for posterity's sake. 

Next year I get to experience the joy of student housing, paying for my own heating and electricity and dealing with landlords. What fun. Most of the time, it feels like I just got here but in reality, there's only six more weeks and I'm officially a second year. Now that is truly terrifying thought.


  1. I love this post! do you mind if I steal the idea?

    1. Of course not! I'd love to see your take on it :) x

    2. you beauty. I have to say though, my room isn't nearly as nice as yours. womp womp