Monday, 7 May 2012

OUTFIT | #51

cardigan: Motel Rocks; t-shirt: Primark; jeans: Next; boots: River Island; lipstick: Topshop 'All About Me'

Now, I'm not the kind of blogger who wears something new in every post. I have a limited amount of clothing, let alone money, and, especially while living at university, I have very limited wardrobe space. The whole 'shop your stash' idea is much more my style (much as that phrase makes me feel like I'm using cheesy fashion magazine lingo, cringe). If you read my blog semi-frequently, you will definitely come to notice that I recycle a lot of the same stuff into new outfits.

I feel like this particular outfit is a prime example of that: last update's cardigan, the ubiquitous Breakfast Club t-shirt and, of course, the River Island chelsea boots I wear at least 3 times a week. I even considered using another Breakfast Club quote as the title of this post, à la its last appearance but decided that would be too much. Plus it's mostly obscured by my hair anyway, so you can only just see Emilio Estevez peeking out. 


  1. I feel ya. I can't afford to buy new things, like ever -- I'm broke, damnit!

  2. I always marvel at bloggers who can wear seemingly all new clothing ever single post. Or even a new item every post! I shop too much and that is something I still can't manage.
    I think I relate a little more to ladies who don't, just because Its good to know you can wear that one dress or sweater a million times and thats okay. Not everyone gets brand new clothes every single day.