Sunday, 27 May 2012

OUTFIT | #55

dress: ASOS; sunglasses: River Island: flats: Tory Burch; lipstick: Revlon Lip Butter 'Red Velvet'

watch: Seiko; nails: American Apparel 'L'Esprit' & Revlon 'Sparkling'

I finished all my exams for the summer on Wednesday and since then I've just been relaxing and enjoying my freedom. (I'm sure you've seen me bragging about it on my Twitter, if you follow me on there) My days have consisted of waking up when I want, pulling on some summery clothes and wandering out to the lake on campus to read and drink cider until it gets chilly. Bliss. I'm making the most of the weather and having no commitments while I can. Next week marks the start of interviews for summer jobs and figuring out what to do with myself for the next 4 months without university. I am both excited and really, really nervous.


  1. that dress is cute as all hell

  2. I love the dress - you look fantastic in it!

  3. Really love print on the dress.. so cute! Sounds like the perfect afternoon - you can't beat a nice pint of fruit cider! x

  4. Your dress is gorgeous! I'm such a sucker for a floral print at the moment.
    And good luck with your interviews!


  5. You look fierce as hell. The dress and your hair and your sunglasses just look amazing!! Good luck at your interviews <3