Thursday, 3 May 2012

OUTFIT | #49

cardigan: Marks & Spencer; t-shirt: Forever 21; belt: Zara; jeans: Next; loafers: Urban Outfitters

Went for a bit of a grandfatherly look today. Massive wool cardigan to fend off unseasonable winds, basic jeans and t-shirt and my trusty loafers. (Although, my grandad never wore loafers. He was more of a New Balance kinda guy.) Super simple plus warm and very comfortable. Speaking of comfortable, kindly ignore the jogging bottoms I forgot to remove from the chair. Even bloggers need a pair for cosying up in bed and watching crap telly from time to time, or late night trips to the 24 hour Tesco. Real talk, right here.


  1. lovely outfit, I like the cardigan :)

  2. Personally, I always wear high heels to the Tesco, because I am a trollop. (joke) Cool glasses.

    --Zoey | my blog: zoe has her moments