Sunday, 13 May 2012

OUTFIT | #52


cardigan: Topshop; dress: New Look; leggings: George @ ASDA; boots: Clarks; scarf: Primark (sister's); bag: Zara

I went home this weekend and spotted the boxes of dye (Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL #43 Red Passion - if anyone's interested) I'd bought a while ago on a whim and thought, to hell with it. So I dyed my hair red. My natural colour is basically black anyway so it's not fire engine red or anything like that. Much as I'd like to fulfill my lifelong dream of having properly red hair, bleaching it is a bit scary. Maybe when it's shorter. For now, this is as close as I'm going to get to emulating Ariel or, my personal favourite, bratpack era Molly Ringwald. 

The colour is a bit brighter than these pictures show, especially in sunlight. I left my Canon at uni though, so point and shoot snaps will have to suffice for now. The outfit is a bit of a repeat offender. I've even blogged a similar version before (Oh, the horror). This dress is one of my favourites to throw on when I really can't be bothered. Sunday dressing at its finest.

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