Friday, 15 June 2012

TRAVEL | What I Packed for 5 Days in Prague

I'm off to Prague with some friends for 5 days this week. Last year, I went to the south of France and that was wonderful so hopefully this is just as good. Prague's been on my list of places to visit for a while now so I'm looking forward to it. Packing was an interesting task. I only moved back home from university for the summer a few days prior to my trip. So I had to unpack all my stuff and then pack again in the space of a few days. Just a tad stressful. I am a pretty meticulous packer though and always create packing lists for wherever I go which helped. For this trip, we're only bringing a carry-on as we didn't want to go through the hassle (and cost) of checking baggage. I thought I might struggle to fit everything into a small suitcase but it was actually surprisingly easy so I thought I would share what I've brought.

-5 tank tops (I wear these under everything)
-1 pair of denim shorts
-1 black bodycon skirt
-3 blouses
-2 t-shirts
-1 dress (casual enough for daytime, but nice enough to wear at night too)
-2 pairs of tights (in case it does turn chilly)
-2 cardigans
-1 lightweight scarf
-1 pair of Converse (for walking)
-1 pair of flats
-2 handbags (one for day, one for night)
-1 pair of pajamas
-1 pair of sunglasses
-make-up bag (most of my toiletries fit in here as well as make-up)
-bag for ~feminine items~
-a book
-foreign currency
-purse (/wallet, if you prefer)

I won't bother to go into specifics of toiletries or it would be a long and boring list of mundane essentials. To ensure everything was under the 100ml liquid limit, I transferred some things to those travel-sized containers you can get in various shops along the high-street. Mine were from Primark, but I know Boots and Superdrug and the like have them too. 

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  1. I love the idea of this post! I love seeing what people take away with them, I'm so nosy!
    Have a great time in Prague, I've always wanted to go there too x