Tuesday, 5 June 2012


hair cuff: H&M

I've seen these metallic hair cuffs popping up on blogs and YouTube channels for a while now. For a time they were selling for ridiculous amounts on eBay but the hype's calmed down now and they're all over my local H&M in every colour for a much more reasonable £7. I own two: one in silver, one in gold. The gold is from Topshop and I wouldn't really recommend it - it's a thin, flimsy-feeling plastic while the H&M variations are pretty solid. (I'm not a massive fan of Topshop jewellery overall though. I find it all tends to break pretty easily.)

This is the first time I've worn mine in a while. When I was younger, I'd wear a pony tail to school every day without fail. I had various weird, choppy haircuts in between then and now though, most of which were too short to put up in a pony tail. It's only recently, with my hair reaching boob-length and getting in my face a lot more, that I find myself sticking it up again. 

Enter hair cuff. I was a tad worried these things would break as I tried to fit them around my thick hair but they've held up pretty well so far. Plus they look a lot nicer than whatever ratty hair tie I find lying around my room to stick my hair up with.

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  1. I'm all about smart ponytail accessories because I am far too lazy to attempt to do anything with my hair, esp in the morning. I'm not near a h&m or topshop so you have me ebaying the fuq out of these. it looks great on you!