Monday, 25 June 2012


bag: Zara

No doubt you've seen this bag on countless blogs over the past few months. It's been a real hit, mostly because of its £19.99 price tag. Most people seem to have opted for the cream version with rose gold hardware. Confession: I don't really like rose gold. I know, who am I? It just doesn't do it for me. This version actually has silvery-gold hardware, you just can't tell in my picture. 

My old faithful Topshop favourite, that I've featured a few times on here, fell apart a few weeks ago. I bought that bag with my first ever wages from my first job, working Saturdays at my local Boots when I was 17. It was well loved and slowly falling apart then, as I was moving out of halls and back home for the summer, the handles snapped off. RIP little Topshop bag. You will be missed. 

And so, to fill the hole in my handbag collection that the Topshop bag left behind, I went for this Zara bag. Not even because I'd seen it on blogs everywhere. I bought it because it fulfilled my main criteria for a new bag: it had to be cheap. Real talk: I'm pretty skint at the moment. Plus, it's pretty, simple and functional which is a bonus. 


  1. hey!
    i've been thinking about getting that bag too haha
    but i haven't had a chance to look at in stores. how big is it?

    1. I'd say it was your average medium sized bag? It's spacious but not too bulky. I'll try and remember to include it in an outfit soon to show the scale!