Friday, 15 March 2013

OUTFIT | #117

blazer: Topshop; top, skirt, boots: H&M; watch: Seiko

I told you I was trying to wear my blazers more. This one is an absolute beaut, and probably the most expensive item of clothing I own to date. It's an incredibly old Topshop number that I remember my teenage self lusting after for weeks before finally purchasing it. With the sleeves rolled up it's got a bit of a Miami Vice feel to it that I'm digging. I paired it with some old faithfuls: signature striped top, good pair of boots, high-waisted skirt. The usual.

I wore this outfit for literally all of an hour. I've got some deadlines looming but it was a friend's birthday so I popped out briefly for one drink (and I stuck to my guns, for once, and forced myself home before one became five and a late night on the town). I immediately returned to my jogging bottoms and essay preparation once I got home. So glam, I know, I know.

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