Sunday, 24 March 2013

OUTFIT | #120

dress, shoes: Topshop; clutch: ASOS; watch: Seiko; lipstick: MAC 'Rebel', nail polish: Revlon 'Revlon Red'

I went to my cousin's wedding this weekend. I don't have a massive extended family and I don't often go to weddings so I wasn't entirely sure how to dress. I assumed bodycon was probably a no-no. Friends also informed me to that my go-to colours, red and black, were not wedding appropriate either. Bummer. This dress from Topshop seemed to fit the bill though and I'm going to wear it during the summer too, since it's a lovely light, loose material. I hated the idea of buying something to only wear once. Who can afford to do that?

The wedding was fun, in that weird drunken family reunion way. Dancing to Gangnam Style with a bunch of people you only see a few times a year is always a bizarre experience. I'll spare you any photos I took of the event itself. My sister took these outfit pictures for me. She even took a picture of my make-up, since I did it a little fancier than usual for the occasion. Being a glasses wearer is a pain sometimes, since you can't really see all the damn eyeshadow I took the time to blend but oh well.

I have a couple of weeks off university so I'm at home for a bit. I didn't bring my tripod so we'll see how I fare without it. Taking day-to-day outfit pictures may prove interesting. I'll probably try and rope my sister into photography duty whenever possible. Or do some beauty focused posts on days where I can't bribe her into being cameraman.


  1. You look gorgeous, I love the idea of monochrome for a wedding! I also love your make up, so simple but your lips add that splash of colour!

    Amy x

    1. Thank you! I wasn't sure about monochrome at first but I stuck true to my roots in the end.

  2. Love your outfit and makeup in this photos girl, you have style :)

    Mónica <3