Friday, 1 March 2013

OUTFIT | #113

jumper: Missguided; blouse (underneath): Forever 21; skirt: H&M; boots: Topshop

I bought this jumper on one of those 4am online shopping whims I get sometimes. I'd been surfing Tumblr, as you do, and saw a picture of someone wearing it. For a while I've been interested in a dip-dye/ombre effect blouse or something like that but couldn't find one I liked. I was really surprised when I saw that this was actually really reasonably priced and from Missguided. So I snapped it up and went back to surfing Tumblr for hours. So it goes. It's really nice though, dead glad I bought it and all that.

Also, an a note unrelated to my outfit, I've been a fan of my hair lately. I like the odd beauty post every now and then and sometimes I toy with the idea of doing a hair routine blog post. The problem is I try new shit with my hair routine constantly. For a while I'll think 'Wow, this is great. This is my perfect hair routine, I'm set for life.' and then I'll try something new and like that even better and it goes on like that. I'm still trying to find the right balance of what kind of crap to put in my hair but currently the stuff I'm using seems to be giving the desired result so who knows, maybe I'll do that hair post after all.


  1. You pretty much always look flawless! xxx

  2. Lovee this jumper! x

  3. I love the jumper, you look so professional x