Wednesday, 20 March 2013

OUTFIT | #119

blouse, tights: H&M; skirt, boots: Topshop

This outfit is all about the tights. They were reduced to £3 in H&M and I wasn't sure if I loved them or wanted to burn them, so I bought them. They're a little 'out there' and honestly I still can't make my mind up about it. In the end, I think that's their appeal so I'm running with it. They're an easy way to make it look like I made an effort and when I'm spending all my daylight hours (plus a few extra) cranking out end of semester essays in the library for the next week, that works for me.

In between all this frantic essay writing and tearing my hair out, I've been procrastinating by doing a hell of a lot of online window-shopping. It's not something I ever used to do much yet lately I'm scouring every single website I can think of for something, anything, I like. That 'must buy a new summer wardrobe' mind-set has hit me hard. I'm finding I like basically nothing that's in the shops currently though. It's incredibly frustrating. Everything has a peplum (burn them, burn them all) or is way too expensive for something that looks so cheap. I don't know what's going but hopefully it's just a temporary thing because I really do need some new summer dresses.

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