Wednesday, 4 September 2013

OUTFIT | #156

top: Feather Hearts (from Urban Outfitters); jeans: Topshop 'Jamie'; shoes: Converse; watch: Casio; lips: MAC 'Impassioned'

I turned 21 over the weekend, so that was pretty exciting. Just in time for my trip to the US next week. (Yes, that was planned.) My actual birthday was on Sunday but being the birthday monster that I am, I decreed all weekend (plus Monday) a celebration of me. I never used to like my birthdays or make a big deal out of them when I was younger, but as I've got older and become happier with myself I figured why not make a fuss out of my big day? Plus I've really enjoyed my twenties thus far, after hating every minute of being a teenager. Not a time of my life I look back on with any nostalgia, I'm afraid.

I went to a local music festival for the day of my birthday, so I felt the time was nigh to pull out this top. My sister pointed out that if you only glance at it, it looks like it reads 'lucky you. It's from a brand called Feather Hearts and they make some other really cool graphic t-shirts. I am sorely tempted to buy another one or two, since it appeals to my fondness for bold slogan tees, shall we call them, lately. It certainly made this birthday outfit one to remember.


  1. Happy belated birthday :) I LOVE your shirt.
    Water Painted Dreams

  2. your haircolor is to die for :D it´s sooo lovely. Do you get it done at a hairdresser or do you dye it yourself? if so, what colour do you use if I may ask? :)
    happy birthday!

    1. Thank you! I do it at home. I use Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL dye in the shade 'Red Passion'. It wasn't this vibrant when I first dyed it but over time it's become really bright.