Saturday, 14 September 2013

OUTFIT | #157

shirt: BDG from Urban Outfitters; t-shirt: Topshop; shorts: Zara; shoes: Vans; watch: Casio

So I guess this is my new favourite shirt. Seriously, I've worn this sucker, in some capacity, nearly every day since I bought it. Even if it's just for putting on with comfy clothes at the end of the day because it's so cosy. I wish I could find it in other colours on the Urban Outfitters website so I could buy another. I have officially become one of those people who buys clothes they like in multiple colours. I denied it for a long time but, looking at my wardrobe now, there's definitely a pattern emerging. If you're looking for a super soft flannel shirt, I really cannot recommend this one from BDG enough. It makes every outfit so comfortable and casual-looking.

Also, hey new shoes. For my birthday my sister bought me a pair of Vans Authentics. I've wanted some for a while now. The last pair of Vans I bought were a pink checkerboard pattern pair of slip-ons back in my scene days (You know the ones). I think I even still have them somewhere in my mum's house. The Authentics seem like a more grown-up step up for my trainer collection. I like that they have a bit of a platform look going on, so I feel taller when I wear them. Coming in at 5'5'", I'll take anything that pushes me a bit above average height happily. They're burgundy too and that's like one of my favourite colours, so that's another plus.

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