Friday, 20 September 2013

OUTFIT | #159

top, skirt: American Apparel; shoes: Vans; lips: Revlon Matte 'Really Red'

I didn't realise until I was already dressed that I was essentially wearing all American Apparel on this occasion. As you can see behind me, this was when I was packing up my stuff to move back to uni, so a lot of my clothes were already in suitcases and my hanging rail was looking pretty bare. I wore this a week or so ago, when we had a ridiculously hot day in the UK. I think it was like 30 degrees or something. I made the grave error of going to town and basically melted.

My American Apparel circle skirt is one of my favourite skirts I own. And I own a lot of skirts. It's dead short and sometimes I feel a bit self-conscious when wearing it. Flashing my bum to people isn't always top of my priority list. Lately I've taken to wearing it with a little pair of black shorts (those Soffe shorts cheerleaders wear, to be precise) underneath and it does the trick. I feel a hell of a lot more confident wearing the skirt and no one gets a glimpse of my undies if there's a breeze. Job done.

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