Wednesday, 18 September 2013

OUTFIT | #158

top: Topshop; skort: Zara; shoes: BCBGeneration; watch: Casio

I am a blogger cliché. This skort has been everywhere, on every blogger, lately. I went into Zara the other day and couldn't resist trying it on. I was (and still am somewhat) wary of the skort trend. It feels potentially 'gimmicky' to me. A trend that may not age particularly well. I'm always cautious not to buy things I think will look daft in a few months time (ahem, mullet hems/peplums, anyone?). So while I liked the skort on, I initially walked out of the shop and left it. Then I tweeted about it, a lot, and ended up convincing myself to go back and buy it. So it goes. Decision making has, sadly, never been my strong point.

I do enjoy how it looks like a super short skirt from the front, a style we all know I'm fond of, but without the potential for flashing your bum. Hence the last picture above. I was attempting to show what the shorts look like at the back, but it just looks like a picture of my (sadly flat) bum. So enjoy that, I suppose. I haven't had a chance to wear the skort out yet, but I was putting together some potential night-out outfits with it and this was one of my favourites. I'm sure it will make an appearance or two at fresher's week events when I'm back at uni.

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