Sunday, 8 September 2013


Motel dress; Topshop white blouse and clutch; Vagabond Grace boots; Zara sweatshirt

A plethora of black and white items I'm currently lusting after, for your viewing pleasure. Some of these I've already had to stop myself from buying. My head says 'No, think of your big trip to the States, spend your money on that' while a little impulsive devil on my shoulder is trying to convince me otherwise. I tried on the white Topshop blouse the other day and it pained me to restrain myself from buying it (not literally 'pained', but I did let out a little sad sigh as I handed it back to the dressing room attendant). Basically, I really want all this stuff. But I guess that's the whole point of a wishlist post.

If I had to pick, I want the Vagabond Grace boots the very most. Because I need another pair of black boots like I need a hole in the head. I know, as my mother keeps telling me. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post coming up featuring some of my favourite black boots, by the by. The boots are probably closely followed by the Motel dress with the adorable floral neckline. I don't really do floral very often. I like how it's pretty subtle on this dress though, but turns what is basically a boring black dress into something super cute.

The Topshop bag and Zara sweatshirt come in at joint third. My lust for knitwear knows no bounds when Autumn comes around again and the only reason I haven't bought the sweatshirt yet is because I have yet to see it in a Zara store. Otherwise I'm sure I'd have my grubby mits all over it. A similar story applies to the black bag. Coupled with the fact that I just got a new small black bag and, as I tend to favour a larger bag, buying another small bag just seems a bit frivolous.

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