Tuesday, 4 February 2014

OUTFIT | #195

jumper, skirt, boots: Topshop; blouse (underneath): H&M

The old button-down shirt and jumper combo is one I used to heavily favour, but had overlooked of late. Recently I've found myself returning to it. As the end of my third (possibly final?) year of university draws nearer, I'm finding myself clinging to a more academic look. I'm definitely not ready to accept it's all coming to a close yet so I'll make the most of the super studious preppy look while I can. (Oh god, just typing that was painful. Don't make me leave.)

On a lighter, less nostalgic note, I was a massive fan of my make up on this particular day. In hindsight, a Face of the Day picture would have been helpful, as you can't tell much here. The lipstick in particular was new and seriously impressed me. Look out for a future post on that. I'm always on the look-out for long-wearing lipstick that can last through lunch, long days, or just drunken make outs (whatever floats your boat) and this product definitely rose to the occasion. Watch this space.

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