Sunday, 23 February 2014

OUTFIT | #198

top, cardigan: H&M; skirt, boots: Topshop

I almost never wear white. For many reasons, including the fact that it just doesn't suit me that well most of the time. Also I have a tendency to spill things on myself or smear lipstick everywhere and wearing white is just asking for trouble. Apparently I was feeling brave because I wore not only white but red lipstick too on this day. I picked up a bunch of new long-sleeve tops to fend off the winter cold the other day and was pleasantly surprised when this white striped number didn't look atrocious on me. By now you should know my penchant for stripes so it was a done deal.

My hair is in serious need of a trim already. One hazard of having shorter hair is the need for haircuts every 6 weeks, I suppose. My hair grows at a ridiculous rate too, which doesn't help matters. I'm holding out as long as possible but I think I may have to cave and get it cut soon before it starts looking less 'long bob' and more 'shapeless blob'.

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