Sunday, 2 February 2014

OUTFIT | #194

top, boots: Topshop; skirt: H&M; watch: Casio; necklace: IDK

After a week or so of slubbing around, feeling a bit generally ill, and favouring comfortable clothes, I decided this week would be power-dressing week to kickstart things. I had a lot of shit to get done this week and I always feel more inclined to work hard if I'm dressed for the occasion. Yes, I am that person who get dressed up to go to the library. Whatever works. Something about an all-black turtleneck combo makes Derrida seem a bit less daunting. 

Speaking of turtlenecks, after being a slow convert I think I've finally fully warmed to them. Which means I want to buy more, duh. The weather only seems to be getting colder so now seems like a good time to stock up. Any recommendations of good places to scope out more for my budding collection would be gratefully accepted. This one was from the Topshop sale, reduced to £18 from a ridiculous £32. 

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