Thursday, 27 February 2014

WISHLIST | Graduation Gifts

Vivienne Westwood purse, Bass Wayfarer loafers, Michael Kors watch; Lipstick Queen lipstick in Black Tie; Nike Blazers

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it enough yet, but I'm graduating this summer. It's terrifying. To alleviate some of the fear, and to procrastinate in between meltdowns about my future, I've been looking at really expensive gifts I would hypothetically buy for myself (if I had all the money in the world) for my graduation. Because buying expensive gifts for yourself mends all ills.

The Nike Blazers are something I've been thinking about buying myself for a while anyway. I love my low-top pair but, after seeing friends with the leather high-top version, have been lusting after a plain black pair. Same for the Vivienne Westwood purse. I've wanted one, as my 'ideal purse', for ages. Recently my years-old purse bit the dust and I can't stop thinking about finally taking the plunge and replacing it with a classic Viv number. To go with the classic Bass Wayfarer loafers I would also own in the fantasy world where I'm rich enough to afford any/all of these things, of course.

On the less classic, more cliché side of things, is of course the Michael Kors watch. I love a good watch and yes, everyone and their gran has a Michael Kors. I still want the tortoise shell one though, regardless. You can't stop me. The Lipstick Queen lipstick in Black Tie is a new, but nonetheless powerful, want. I saw someone speak about it in a YouTube video the other day and it shot to the top of my lipstick wishlist. Now, if someone would just give me a high-paying graduate job so I can lavish myself with gifts such as these, that would be fab.

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