Tuesday, 6 May 2014


I've been considering trying to do monthly favourites on the blog, as I always enjoy when others do that. However I realised that people do their previous month's favourites at the start of the new month, so technically these are my April favourites. But my last Recent Favourites post was called my April favourites. It's all very confusing. I think I went wrong with titles somewhere along the line.

I've wanted an oversized denim jacket for some time now and picked this one up for an absolute steal in Urban Outfitters, after a gift card and some student discount. You can probably tell from the amount of posts it's already featured in that I've really been enjoying it lately. Plus it's big enough that I can wear tons of layers underneath so I can wear this jacket well into the colder months too.

These pale blue Nike Blazers were a Christmas gift. Originally I'd wanted them in grey but, unable to find that shade anywhere, opted for pale blue as a close alternative. I'm sure I would have loved them in grey too but, in the end, I'm glad I went for this colour. They're so vibrant compared to the dark tones in my wardrobe, I'm really loving wearing them now it's warming up here.

I've long been a big fan of the original Naked palette from Urban Decay. I even featured it in my Best of 2013 post. Warm toned eyeshadows really suit my pale green eyes so I immediately wanted the Naked 3 palette when it came out. I love the variety of pink hues and the matte highlight shade. The only downside to this palette is, unlike the original, I can't just use it by itself. I have to blend in some matte browns from other palettes or the shades tend to get a bit muddy looking.

I've had this product a while but only recently been regularly using. I've been trying out new shampoos and my hair's been feeling drier and frizzier as a result. My hair's pretty dry and thick in texture; I can put a lot of product in it without it feeling greasy. So after I've applied my various serums and leave-in conditioners, I like to take a small amount of this and run it through my hair to get rid of any stubborn frizziness leftover.

Highlighters are something I only got into the past year or so but now I wear one nearly every day. My skin is very dry so I'm a fan of anything that can give me a bit of a glow. A matte finish is not my friend. This highlighter from The Balm has quickly become my absolute favourite, beating even my old faithful Nars Albatross. It's super natural looking but absolutely beautiful on the skin, without being too much to wear in the daytime.

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