Friday, 30 May 2014

OUTFIT | #218

blazer, jeans: Topshop; top: Zara; shoes: Dr Martens

I had a day at home applying to jobs and attempting to be productive today. I've finished my degree and worked my last shift at my university job. Literally all there is left for me to do at uni is graduate. Hence the job applications. It's time to get productive, I suppose. I'm travelling for basically all of June and I have a temporary job lined up for a few months after that so I suspect my days will be largely centred around filling in applications and sending cover letters for a while. 

To inspire me and get me in the mood for lots of job hunting, I decided to dress up smarter than I typically would for a day at home. Which explains the blazer. Channelling a little of that yuppie vibe to get me through. Hopefully once I get a job, I can also do something about my wardrobe too. I'm feeling so uninspired by my clothes lately. I think my style has changed a fair bit over the past year so I've been piling up old clothes to donate but don't have the time or money to replace them yet, sadly.

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