Sunday, 4 May 2014

OUTFIT | #213

jacket: H&M; top, boots: River Island; jeans: Topshop Leigh; watch: Casio

I couldn't tell you the last time I wore this little cropped jacket. It's years and years old, I got it when I was still in sixth form. It used to be one of my favourites but has been forgotten in recent years. I pulled it out today when I needed something quick to throw on when I went to the shops. Not glamourous, by any means. But I liked how it looked with my otherwise pretty simply outfit. 

I just stayed home and did some spring cleaning today. I hadn't been planning on taking any outfit pictures until I put on the jacket. This graphic print t-shirt is one of my favourites, for days at home or nights out. I hate to be the blogger who harps on about how versatile a piece is, but sometimes certain items deserve a mention. I like that it has a bold print but still stays within the colour family I like. No pastels or neons here, thanks.

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