Thursday, 8 May 2014

OUTFIT | #214

dungarees: Primark; jumper: borrowed from a friend; boots: Topshop; tights: no idea

This outfit's an odd one, really. This morning I woke up at 7am, dragged myself to the library, and finishing writing the last essay I'll ever submit towards my B.A. As of today, at 11.23am to be precise, I have finished my degree. All I have left to do is graduate. It all feels a bit odd really. I celebrated by going to McDonald's with my housemates and tonight I'm sure I'll being knocking back the tequila and pulling some embarrassing shapes in a club somewhere. A fitting end to my undergraduate years, I feel.

Back to the outfit. I actually wore this yesterday too. Is that gross? I think when final essays are involved, all rules about what is and isn't acceptable to wear go out the window. This jumper isn't even mine. I've worn these dungarees every single day this week. I ran out of tights and found these at the bottom of a drawer, I don't even remember buying them. Definitely an odd week for my wardrobe. I do really love the dungarees though. They're a new firm favourite. Plus they are, without a doubt, one of the comfiest items of clothing I've ever owned.

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  1. I love the dungarees! Congratulations on finishing your degree as well :)
    Water Painted Dreams xxx