Tuesday, 10 June 2014

OUTFIT | #221

jumper: Cheap Monday; jeans, top (worn underneath): Topshop; shoes: Nike Blazers; watch: Casio

I never thought Mom jeans would be something I'd find myself buying but the other day I went to get my hair cut. I tried out a new place (The Egg in Norwich - would highly recommend) and while I was there, I kept seeing a girl who worked there wearing these pale wash Mom-style jeans. She looked fantastic in them. After my hair cut, I had some time to kill so I found myself in Topshop trying them on. And I really liked them. Maybe it's part of this whole changing-up-my-wardrobe phase I'm going through right now but I'm into them. They're nice thick denim, which I prefer to the jegging-style material Topshop tend to favour in their jeans, and they're also incredibly comfortable.

Are they incredibly flattering? I guess not. I think they make my butt look cute but if you don't agree, then that's cool. I'm just glad I finally found a pair of pale wash jeans that I actually like. It's been a long search, y'all. I took these babies on their first outing for a round of drinks with some friends to celebrate the end of (their) exams. And I managed not to spill a drop of Snakebite on them (Yes, I drink Snakebites. I'm secretly an 18 year old boy). Success!

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