Sunday, 15 June 2014

OUTFIT | #223

jacket: my sister's wardrobe; top: Topshop; skirt: ASOS; sandals: River Island; bag: Zara

Two new purchases in this blog post: the skirt and the sandals. I think my summer wardrobe purchases are pretty much at capacity now. I'm going to visit family in the States next week but after that, I think it's time for a fairly strict spending ban. Graduates are meant to start trying to save money, right? People keep saying scary things to me about property ladders and how all my friends are going to start getting married now and it's kind of freaking me out. 

I've worn this skirt countless times since I bought it. I love the super simple A-Line cut and how summery the denim makes it feel. Denim seems to be my new thing of late. I'm wearing a ton of it. Although I keep wishing I had a grey or black denim jacket to pair with it all. I'm not super into matchy-matchy denim. The sandals, while not denim, are still lovely. I saw them on ASOS in brown but we all know how I feel about brown. They were in store at River Island in black though and I snapped them up. I like sturdier sandals without too much toe-exposure. No flip flops or gladiators over here, thanks.


  1. Love this outfit, so simple but so cute! :) xx

  2. I love the sandals. There is something really weird about having your toes out isn't there?
    Water Painted Dreams xo