Thursday, 26 June 2014

OUTFIT | #224

necklace: Gogo Philip; top: ASOS; dungarees: Primark; watch: Casio; sandals: River Island

I have a little backlog of posts I took pictures for before I went to the US. Then I got lazy and didn't schedule them while I was away anyway. This should be the last of them. This was from my last day before I went away. I just popped to campus to print off my tickets and have lunch with a pal. Along the way, I managed to rip my last pair of tights too. Not the most eventful of excursions. 

Looking at this now, as I've spent the last two weeks experiencing 28 degree weather every day, it looks like I'm dressing for mid-winter, not June. British summer is an odd creature. When I get back from my travels, I'm working in an office all summer though so I suppose it doesn't matter to me one way or the other if it's sunny or not. I'll be indoors, enjoying the air-conditioning, regardless.