Thursday, 12 June 2014

OUTFIT | #222

dungarees: Primark; top: ASOS; boots: River Island; watch: Casio

Continuing with the whole 'Fuck Flattering' theme I've got going on lately, here's some dungarees for you all. I regularly throw these on when I wake up late and need to get going. Which happens a lot lately because without a degree I have no routine and it's thrown my whole life out of whack. However sometimes it ends up looking unintentionally really cute. Like this particular day. The new turtleneck I'd ordered from ASOS had just arrived so I paired it with the dungarees and some signature black boots and I was a big fan of how it looked.

Looking at this outfit, I'm pretty struck by how much my style has changed in the past year or so. With graduation looming, I keep looking through old pictures of when I first came to university and how I dressed. It isn't wholly different but I never would have worn a turtleneck or this dungaree dress back then. I was super in bodycon and this is anything but. It's kind of cool to see what I'm wearing now compared to back then. That's one of my main reasons for keeping this blog, to be honest.

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