Tuesday, 3 June 2014

OUTFIT | #219

jacket: Levi's; blouse: charity shop; skirt, boots: Topshop; bag: Rebecca Minkoff; watch: Casio

This blouse is one of the few items I own from a charity shop. People are always telling me to check them out more but I tend to shop with a clear aim of what I'm going in to purchase. Charity shops are a lot more effort than I'm often willing to put into a shopping trip. However I do really love this blouse. I wore it on a dinner date and it was described as a very 'WW2-esque'. I'm not sure if that was the look I was going for but I'll take it.

In other news, I've been going through my wardrobe a lot lately and pulling out a plethora of old and unworn items to donate to charity. I fancy a bit of a fresh start and getting rid of the clothes I haven't worn for months, sometimes years. Goodbye old bodycon dresses that are starting to show their age, low-rise jeans I wouldn't be caught dead in, odd-fitting jumpers, etc. I'm also desperately in need of a hair cut but that is an entirely separate issue to be addressed at another time.

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