Sunday, 29 June 2014


It wouldn't be a Stateside visit if I didn't take advantage of how much cheaper make up is over here. I probably own more make up than any reasonable person could ever need in their life. I'm running out of lipstick shades - I seem to own them all. But there were still a few items I wanted to cross off my wish list.

The item I was most eager to get my hands on was the Lorac Pro Palette. My eyeshadow palette collection is absurd and probably deserves a blog post all of its own one day. This was the last palette I wanted to finish off the collection, so to speak. I'm sure something else will crop up that I'll want soon enough but for now, I feel content. I've seen countless YouTubers and bloggers recommend it and, after a few days of regular use, I can already tell why. It's quickly becoming my favourite palette I own.

Naturally, I also had to buy some lipsticks too. The Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge Waterproof Lip Colour (try saying that five times fast) were also something I'd seen recommended by one of my favourite YouTubers, Rachel Whitehurst. I'm on the hunt for the perfect long-wearing, kiss-proof lipstick and this seemed to tick all the boxes. I got mine in shade 9 - a dark vampy red. Look out for a blog post comparing a few I've tried in the near future.

Then I picked up two other traditional lipsticks, one from Bite Cosmetics and the other from MAC. I'd had MAC Chili on my wishlist for some time now, inspired by a friend who often wears it. It's a beautiful dark burnt-red with a matte finish. Whereas Bite Violet has a glossier finish. I've never tried anything from Bite before but heard good things, so when this vibrant purple caught my eye I decided to give it a try.

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