Tuesday, 29 April 2014

OUTFIT | #212

jacket: Levi's; hoody: ASOS; turtleneck: MissGuided; jeans, boots: Topshop

There's nothing quite like a new turtleneck to add to your collection. It's pretty funny to me how opposed I used to be to the humble turtleneck and now I own somewhere in the range of 5 or 6. You live and learn, I suppose. Nearly all of mine are black. I don't really fancy myself as a spoken word poet and I hate jazz, but I do love the classic pulled-together look throwing on a black turtleneck quickly achieves.

I just wore this to run around and do some errands. I was a little bit warm in so many layers in the end but I just love this jacket. It's hard to resist throwing it on over everything. The man who works in Tesco has seen me wearing it nearly every day this week as I go in to buy wine or Mini Eggs. We're pals though, so I don't think he minds. We bonded over him complimenting my glasses one time.

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