Sunday, 29 July 2012

OUTFIT | #67

top: American Eagle; shorts: Zara; bag: H&M; shoes; necklace: Topshop; bracelet: Unknown; watch: Sekonda

I took these pictures the day before I flew out to the US to visit family for a few weeks and I honestly can't remember what I did that day or any of the commentary I probably had in mind about this outfit. Oops. Bad blogger. I had meant to post it days ago but travelling across timezones tends to leave me  disoriented for a while and I've been trying to settle back into routine and not wake up at 5am every day, thanks jet lag. 

I do remember that it was warm when I wore this though and, if nothing else, I would have been packing my suitcase with last minute things and checking my packing list. (I still managed to forget my eyeliner and eyebrow brush though, despite my meticulous list-making skills)

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