Thursday, 12 July 2012

OUTFIT | #63

dress: Topshop; necklace: H&M; loafers: Urban Outfitters; bracelets: They were gifts or something, idk

It can be difficult to make an outfit that feels 'put together' when wearing a sundress. They don't always tuck into other items of clothing well and when it's hot, all thoughts of layering go out the window anyway. If it's over 24 degrees Celsius, I'm thinking about wearing as little clothing as I can get away with. Not putting more on. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a cop out posting pictures of me just wearing a dress and some shoes, with potentially a small amount of jewellery. Like 'Hey guys, I'm wearing a dress! That's it, k bye now'. But whatever. I post pictures of what I wear. And in the summer I wear sundresses. (I feel like I need a sassy dealwithit.gif here)

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