Thursday, 4 April 2013

OUTFIT | #122

jacket, jeans, flats: Topshop; blouse: Forever 21

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm visiting family in the States for about a week. So, what fun, it's time for another new background and more roping my sister into taking my pictures. Today was our first day, after flying in really (really) late last night. I was pretty groggy so I just threw on some comfortable clothes and mascara. I'm a big fan of this hairstyle lately. It's probably because I've been rewatching Game of Thrones from the start. I call it my Cersei Lannister hair, but it also works really well on days that my hair isn't behaving/needs a wash and I can't be bothered dealing with it being in my face all day.

It's a little bit warmer over here than it has been in the UK lately so I took the opportunity to ditch the winter coat for a jacket. The little flats are new too, since all my old flats were so worn out I had to throw them away. I love my chelsea boots but I figured a girl needs a least one pair of ballet flats for days I dress more simply.

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  1. Lovely outfit, enjoy your time in the states x