Sunday, 7 April 2013

RECENT PURCHASES | Skirting the Issue

skirts: American Apparel

skirts: J. Crew

For a while I was talking myself out of this blog post's title and thinking of less cheesy titles. But then I remembered I was confusing myself with someone who doesn't use cheesy puns so I just embraced it. Getting to the point, I bought a bunch of skirts. 4 in one day, actually. Do I have a problem? How many skirts are too many? I let myself off because hey, not a single one of these puppies is black. They're pretty damn colourful, actually. Merit points to me. 

So basically, the short version of the story behind the skirts is that I went to an outlet mall the other day and I just... couldn't help myself. They had a J. Crew outlet. It was like the most beautiful torture I could think of. If I had money to burn, you know I'd be dressed in J. Crew head-to-toe. In the mean time, I got 2 skirts to tide myself over. Then I went to American Apparel and stocked up. I am finally an owner of the ubiquitous circle skirt and yes, it's as short as everyone says it is. And yes, I love it. I got the camel corduroy colour although I was tempted by all the shades of purple and blue they have it in too. Maybe another time.

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