Thursday, 24 April 2014

TRAVEL | A Few Days at Home

As promised, I took a bunch of pictures while I was home last week so I could make a lifestyle post and show you all what I got up to. I haven't done that in ages, it felt nice to capture everything that was happening. I used to take my camera everywhere with me and recently I've been out of the habit. The camera on my iPhone doesn't work anymore (counting down the months until I can upgrade and replace it...) so I don't take many snaps of everyday life anymore. Definitely something I should try and make more of an effort to do.

cashed in my Tesco points for a cheeky evening at Pizza Express
trying this out on my sister's hair
tea and cake in the M&S café is a must on days out with mum
a trip to the coast for a walk and some chips
spent my last evening at home enjoying a beer by the sea

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