Tuesday, 1 April 2014

OUTFIT | #203

top: H&M; jeans; boots: Topshop

This is one of those ridiculously easy to pull on in a hurry outfits that I wear far too often. I do love an outfit that is incredibly comfortable for long days in the library. I have far too much pride to wear my sweatpants anywhere other than on late-night Tesco runs. 

This outfit does, however, need a jacket or something. I've felt like that about a lot of my outfits of late. I think I need to invest in some jackets or cardigans because while I own more jumpers than any one girl needs, I don't have many options in the way of jackets or cardigans. And I don't always want to cover up my shirts with jumpers. Sometimes I feel like I've wasted a perfectly good shirt by throwing a jumper over it all day. Like when you wear a great outfit but don't go anywhere. Please tell me you know what I mean. And also point me in the direction of some great jackets or cardigans. Please and thank you.


  1. Good range of coloured cardies in the Divided range at H&M. I have them in blue, pink, yellow, green, grey, black, black and white polkadot, and purple. (I really like cardigans.) Usually cost about a tenner each and last for years :)

  2. Love this outfit, it looks super slimming! Gorgeous as always.