Thursday, 17 April 2014

OUTFIT | #208

jumper: Zara; skirt: H&M; shoes: Nike Blazers; necklace: Topshop

My preference for trainers continues. These baby blue Blazers were a Christmas present that I've been getting tons of wear out of it now it's spring. I still desperately want a pair of leather high top Blazers but, generally speaking, I'm more a fan of the low tops. They're so cute and comfortable to boot. I feel like they're fairly festive too. Pale blue is an Easter colour, right? So seasonally appropriate.

I'm stuck in a rut again. I keep looking into my wardrobe and doing that thing where I dislike all my clothes and want to start over. I feel like I've felt like this for a while. To try and overcome this a bit, I've been trying to wear some of the more exciting pieces in my wardrobe. Like this (faux) leather skirt. I used to wear this in the daytime without a second thought but recently I've become dull in my old age and resigned it to the 'nighttime only' section of my wardrobe. I decided to forgo that for this outfit and threw a big jumper over it and headed to the library. Baby steps. Hopefully getting out of my comfort zone helps me overcome this uninspired patch I'm in.

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