Thursday, 10 April 2014

OUTFIT | #207

top: Topshop; skirt: American Apparel; shoes: Dr Martens

This post commemorates the first time I was brave enough to wear my new DMs out of the house for a sustained period of time. Honestly, they're so much less painful than my other pair. They rub a tiny bit but generally they're pretty comfortable to wear. I've had my boots for nearly 5 years yet this pair of shoes, barely a month old, are already way easier to wear. It makes no sense. But they're super cute.

I wasn't sure if I'd get a bunch of wear out of brown shoes at first but I think I can make it work. An easy go-to option is definitely this camel coloured AA skirt that I love, since it looks great with black anyway. Add the shoes and you're golden. They're a nice shade of brown that looks kind of faded/worn though, which helps. One of these days I'll get over my fear of brown, I swear. One pair of shoes at a time.

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